back pain

Osteopathy for Back Pain

I don’t want to give the impression that back pain is the only thing that osteopaths treat – I have patients coming to see me with tennis elbow, rotator cuff problems in the shoulder, sciatica,

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New Year's Day Fireworks

New Year’s Resolutions

The time has come around again for our New Year’s Resolutions. How many people I wonder succeed in visiting the gym more often, or changing their diet, drinking less, losing weight? Just as we have

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Nettie Bolles. Remarkable women in osteopathy

Remarkable Women in Osteopathy

As someone who once gave a presentation on women in osteopathy, I was fascinated to see the new documentary “The Feminine Touch”, made by WEDU PBS in the US.

It’s currently available to view free online, here’s the

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Stretch for better health

As an osteopath I’m always interested in trying to give my patients some little nugget of advice that will help them to be more supple and to achieve better health. That could be to do

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migraine headache

Can osteopathy help migraines ?

Following on from my last blog about IBS, another common complaint that I see in my patients is migraine headaches. There are lots of different theories about the cause of migraines, they’re often put down

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Osteopathy and IBS

Osteopathy is not only a treatment for back and neck pain. I hope to show that it can be helpful in the treatment of IBS and in many other cases.

In this and subsequent posts I’ll share

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