Bad Backs

Bad Backs

Paul Brooks is an Osteopath in Hull, working from clinics in Hessle, Hull and Cottingham.

Lower back pain is probably the most common reason for someone to visit an osteopath. Sometimes people also suffer with sciatica, or pain radiating into the leg.  Paul has a wealth of experience in this area and has helped many patients to overcome severe pain and to stay active.

Neck pain might also fit into this category. Simple, mechanical back or neck pain usually responds well to osteopathic treatment. This can be done with fairly strong joint manipulations, but there are also more gentle techniques which may be employed depending on the strength and vitality of the patient.

An osteopathic degree is similar to a medical degree, but with more emphasis on anatomy. It includes more than 1,000 hours of practical training. The 1st appointment includes a full case history and examination, which helps to identify if the patient’s symptoms might have a more serious cause, in which case they will be referred back to their GP.

To book an appointment or for a quick informal chat, please call Paul on 01482 629660 or 07950 596437