Throughout Life

Throughout Life

Paul Brooks is an Osteopath in Hull, working from clinics in Hessle, Hull and Cottingham.

There are no age limits for osteopathy. Modern life puts strains on all of us: The increasingly sedentary life of many young people; long hours spent driving or at a desk in mid-life; older adults may have problems with their health and fitness, but may still be going out to work or caring for others, and may need to tend the garden or keep up with the grandchildren.

Maintaining comfort and good mobility in the hands and feet is of particular importance to elderly people who may be affected with arthritis, bunions and fallen arches. There are many gentle osteopathic techniques which can help to alleviate these problems.

Children’s growing bodies are vulnerable to injury in sports, ballet and dance classes. They increasingly spend long hours using their computer and mobile devices. It’s well-known now that many children are carrying excessively heavy school bags.

To book an appointment or for a quick informal chat, please call Paul on 01482 629660 or 07950 596437