Redecoration and PPE at the Hessle Clinic

You’ll be pleased to know I wasn’t entirely idle during the lockdown. I made use of the time to redecorate my clinic in Hessle

Here’s the waiting room complete with its new lampshade:

Osteopathy Hessle

And here are some photos of the treatment room complete with magic carpet and traditional bone-setter’s stool:

Redecorated clinic Osteopath Hessle Redecorated clinic

I’ve invested heavily in Personal Protective Equipment to keep me and my patients safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a selection of it:


And here’s a picture of me fully kitted-out in my PPE !!

Osteopathy PPE

I have treated a few patients in the last few weeks. Osteopaths have been permitted to work during the lockdown, but only where the appointment was considered urgent and with the use of the personal protective equipment

As the lockdown restrictions are relaxed I hope to start to see more patients again. It’s much easier to keep the clinic clean and hygienic now that it’s been redecorated. You can rest assured that I’ll do everything I can to make it a safe environment and to reduce the risk of infection. It’s certainly strange to work with all this protective gear on and it can get very hot, but I’ll do it for as long as it’s required.