Paul Brooks is an Osteopath in Hull, working from clinics in Hessle, Hull and Cottingham.

Dear Paul

Thank you very much for the course of treatment that you gave me last year for the back pain I was suffering following my surgery earlier that year.

Regrettably, the surgeon and my doctor did not identify any problem and overlooked the fact I was in some pain and could not provide me with any form of relief.

The course of treatment I had from you not only identified where the pain was coming from, but did alleviate the pain greatly, and it came as a great surprise to me when I informed the surgeon that I was in fact having the treatments from you, for him to approve them.

Yours faithfully
Chris Parada

Hello Paul

I was just writing to confirm that, following your short course of treatment for my back and leg pains I am now back on the golf course.

Not bad for a lad over 80 !!! Thank you again and good luck with any new ventures.

Derek C, Beverley

I started to see Paul over four years ago after I suffered a sport injury to my left shoulder. Since then I have visited Paul on numerous occasions to sort out problems with my heels, knees, hips and neck.

I am 57 years of age and regularly play contact sports which inevitably results in injuries. I can honestly say that without Paul’s help, his techniques and knowledge of the human body, I would not be playing today.

AEV, Cottingham