Medical Herbalist in Hessle

I’m very excited to announce that the excellent Medical Herbalist, Bryony MacFadyen, is now working with me at Sheridan House in Hessle

It was wonderful to have the Nutritional Therapist Jolanta Zdral working here. However, in April she decided to relocate to new premises in Anlaby

She is now based at Therapy in Motion, Unit 12 Red Lion Court, Wilson Street, Anlaby. If you’d like to contact Jola her web address is:


Her mobile number is 07960984838

However, this cloud has a silver lining: Bryony is an amazing Medical Herbalist (she’s even named after a medicinal plant!). If you’d like to find out more about Bryony and what a medical herbalist can do for you, here are her contact details:



I personally had a great experience of medical herbalism when I was 26. I’d suffered from IBS for several years – almost certainly as a result of all the antibiotics I’d been prescribed for recurrent tonsillitis in my early 20s.

My GP was unable to help. One visit to a medical herbalist and his gentle herbal prescription cured my IBS almost overnight. It was amazing!!

It’s partly for that reason that I’m so happy for Bryony to be working with me in Hessle, but also because she is such a lovely and professional practitioner with a very scientific approach to her work

I believe about 50% of pharmaceutical drugs are based on herbs and natural substances – well-known examples are Aspirin or Salicylic Acid, which is found in Meadowsweet and Willow Bark, Digoxin, to regulate the heart’s rhythm, based on Digitalis or Foxgloves, and the Chemotherapy drug Vincristine, found in the wildflower Periwinkle

Herbs smell and taste so good; cooking would be so dull without them! Just imagine how much healthier and more nutritious they make your food – so many vitamins and minerals: Selenium in parsley, folic acid in chives, carotenoids in Basil

It’s no surprise that they can be used as a remedy to treat so many things, naturally and safely