Paul Brooks has worked as an osteopath in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire since 2007.

Osteopathy is similar to chiropractic, physiotherapy and the ancient art of bonesetting. It is an amazing, gentle and effective, manual healing technique that can help with a wide range of problems. Many people feel that it not only fixes their aches and pains and injuries, but also helps them achieve greater well-being.

Your doctor may support the use of osteopathy, but the principles and philosophy of osteopathy are quite different to the conventional medical model. It aims to be more natural and holistic; helping patients to feel better and achieve better health, ideally without reliance on medicines.

The clinic is in a lovely space above Philip Sheridan’s hairdressing salon in the Weir, Hessle. If patients have difficulty ascending the stairs, it may be possible to arrange a home visit or to use an alternative location; the Healing Hut in Cottingham and Broomsticks in Newland Avenue, Hull are also available.

Osteopaths are regulated by statute in the same way as mainstream medical professionals.