Osteopathy at Broomsticks, Newland Avenue, Hull

Osteopathy with Paul Brooks at Broomsticks, Newland Avenue, Hull

I must say, I’m really enjoying doing osteopathy at Broomsticks! There’s a lovely feel to the place, perhaps because other therapies are done there. Some people might think of it as ‘esoteric’, but that gives it a nice healing atmosphere.

The treatment room is very cosy, which seems to help people to relax. There’s even an electric blanket on the treatment couch! Jay and David, who own Broomsticks are very lovely and welcoming; it’s like having friendly receptionists.

I think the music in the treatment room really helps patients to feel better. I found this interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald about research into the effect of different sounds on people’s perception of pain, here:

Pressure applied to the body was perceived as more painful if it was accompanied by a harsh, grating sound, but less if it was accompanied by a pleasant, soothing sound. This suggests that gentle music is likely to really help a treatment to be more effective.

There might be some harsh noises for a while – they’ve started resurfacing Newland Avenue, but it will be lovely when it’s finished!! It’s such a lovely area, with nice shops and cafes. Broomsticks is quite a long way up, going North, towards the Cottingham Road end.

Broomsticks has limited availability. It’s usually free on Wednesdays, alternate Fridays and Saturdays, and some other times by prior arrangement. If you call, text or email me, I can check with them and get back to you.